Three Little Birds

Susan Watkins:              Soprano

Elizabeth Humphries:  Soprano

Susanne Reimer:                       Mezzo-Soprano


Guest Artists

Teri-Lynn Friesen:                  Director

Kent Suss:                                Director

Megan Dufrat:                            Music Director and Pianist

Stephen Haiko:                           Baritone

Nick Urquhart:                           Baritone

Susan Watkins, Elizabeth Humphries and Susanne Reimer formed Three Little Birds Productions in 2013.

Some of their first projects were an Oratorio concert, Divine, which included local choral members of the Westworth Community Oratorio Project, and the formation of a women's vocal swing trio called Lace and Eighty-Eight.

Three Little Birds believe that music and the performing arts can have a profound influence on a child's life; creatively, cognitively, and socially. Their goal is very simple; they are determined to bring exciting and accessible opera to children.  It is their hope that they will bring children a new appreciation for opera and the performing arts, that they may inspire them to pursue such exciting art forms in the future, and that they will encourage them to explore creativity and imagination in their daily lives.