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Little Red's Most Unusual Day

My favourite character was Dudley because he was shy at first, but then he was brave enough to tell the truth. Grade 1 student

I love the show and the characters because I like their singingI like you Wolf because you had sharp claws! Little Red Riding Hood I love your acting. Dudley I like when you lost your pants. I’m sorry it’s just funny. Grandma I like your style.  Grade 1 student

I learned how to listen to my mom and how to do things right. And I learned how to listen to everybody in the school and in my home. And I had so much fun and they were wearing funny clothes and I love their clothes and I love their acting. Grade 2 student

I loved the play so much because it was brilliant!!!!!! I learned that always listen to what your mom says. Because if you don’t something really bad could happen! You could get eaten by a wolf! Just kidding. Grade 2 student

The Three Little Pigs

Dear actors, I loved the play! It was funny when one of the kids came and hit the wolf on the leg! I liked all of the actors because they were all so funny! The wolf was scary at first, but at last he was not that scary. The girl pig was my favourite because she likes to read, and I love to read books. I think the play you made was fantastic and awesome. I know that your show was the best one ever in my whole life! Grade 2 student

Dear actors, first thing is that I loved the wolf's clothes it was so cool - and the face paint. And also, it was very awesome for you to give props to the crowd. Some plays don't do that so it was great. At the start of it, you put puppets in it! Grade 1 student

Dear actors, I really loved the show so I am coming to it again. And I also really liked your costumes. But the part I liked is when they were singing. It was funny. I just loved it, I just did so much. It is the best play I have ever seen. P.S. Best play ever! Grade 1 student