"We were very impressed! All of my Grade 2 & 3 students LOVED the production (The Three Little Pigs)!! The style and length of the show was very age appropriate. All of my students were engaged (they love when you interact with them as an audience). I was very pleased with the calibre of the performers and I think the entire concept was brilliant: a story kids already know and understand presented in a very entertaining way with many comedic moments and a wonderful way to introduce students to opera. Thanks again!"

Karen Kozier

  • Music Specialist, Junior School
  • St. John's-Ravenscourt School

I had the pleasure of attending ‘Three Little Birds’ production of ‘Little Red’s Most Unusual Day’, May 9, 2015.  I attended with my great nephew who is 7, who had never been to a live musical performance of any kind.  I really wanted to introduce him to ‘Opera’, and when I told him what we were doing, he wasn’t too thrilled.

It took no time at all before he was completely enthralled in the performance.  The story is familiar, so there was not confusion about that.  The costumes and sets were very well done, and flowed easily and simply.  The libretto was easy to understand, and the singing was fantastic.  There was a lot of humour (many audible laugh out loud moments), excitement, and audience participation.  I thought it was such a clever show, very engaging for younger audiences.  It was very well attended, and the buzz from the children leaving the theatre was infectious.

I can’t recommend this show or this production company any higher.  They are a solid group of musicians and individuals.  They are passionate and smart about their craft and have forayed into producing this show entirely on their own.  I think it is a show that should be seen many more times over, to a younger audience, as a learning tool.

Monica Huisman

  • B. Ed, Opera Diploma
  • Voice Teacher
  • Marcel A Desautels Faculty of Music
  • University of Manitoba